PINO ALIPRANDINI achieves breakthrough in platinum electroforming 

Pino Aliprandini (HK) Ltd has developed a new platinum electroforming bath that is set to revolutionise platinum jewellery production.

As the electroforming process produces hollow jewellery pieces, at least 100 microns are required to properly protect the items from damage. Platinum however tends to get extremely brittle when layered hence previous industry attempts at platinum electroforming could only achieve optimal thickness of 5 to 10 microns.

Comprising a Pino-developed platinum complex combined with the company’s proprietary formulation, the new platinum electroforming bath enables a thickness of up to 150 microns without any brittleness.

This breakthrough – the product of over five years of research and development – allows jewellery manufacturers to produce lighter pieces, introduce more designs such as bigger, chunkier looks and thinner wedding bands, create jewellery with smoother surfaces and save on material costs.

The resulting engaging designs and competitive prices will also make platinum jewellery more accessible and attractive to a wider range of consumers.

Solid pieces such as charms and beads that would have weighed 12 grams can now be produced with just 1.2 to 1.5 grams of platinum.

The product is well suited for jewellery retailers and chains with their own production facilities as they can create the jewellery and sell these directly to their customers in their stores.

Pino counts some major Hong Kong-headquartered retail chains among its clients for its platinum electroforming bath and is targeting similar businesses in China and India.

We are also developing solutions for gem-set platinum jewellery.

Pt electroforming


Cristal is a cyanide free silver bath that can provide a harmless environment to produce a silver deposit without using any cyanide. This product fully complies with the most updated REACH, WEEE and RoHS European Union Regulation, and we will make sure, for our customers, that all Pino Aliprandini products offer the safest and most efficient processes available on the electroplating production market


Technology Breakthrough of Karat Gold Electroplating and Electroforming

Since the European Union (EU) has imposed directives of RoHS and WEEE, a Swiss expert on electroplating and electroforming of precious metal, Laboratoire Pino Aliprandini has made an important technology breakthrough in karat gold electroplating and electroforming by launching ALINORME® 1N 14 K and 2N 18 K for gold-copper-indium-based (Au-Cu-In-based) thick karat gold electroplating and electroforming to replace gold-copper-cadmium-based plating bath which has been banned already. ALINORME® is an alkaline electroplating technology which is cadmium-free. Bright, even color and luster surfaces of 1N 14 K and 2N 18K layers with their high hardness can be electroplated by using ALINORME®. ALINORME® is very manageable which is applicable to jewelry and timepieces production. With use of ALINORME®, the Au-Cu-In-based thick karat gold layer can be plated up to 300 μm thick with full brightness. Also, ALINORME® is compliant with the EU’s RoHS and WEEE directives.

Another counterpart, ALIDOR 185 can be used for plating 4N 14 K or 18 K thick karat gold layer up to 200 μm thick with full brightness. ALIDOR 185 is also RoHS and WEEE compliant because it is cadmium-free as ALINORME®. Surfaces of 4N 14 K and 4N 18 K karat gold layers have high corrosion resistance as a result of electroplating with the use of ALIDOR 185, so their colors and luster can last longer.

Acqua-Series Electroplating Bath

Pino Aliprandini’s Acqua-Series are safe and stable cyanide-free electroplating baths that can provide new plating technique for 2N (pale yellow), 4N (rose) and white karat gold under cyanide-free environment. With the use of Acqua-Series, the cyanide-free karat gold layers can be plated up to the thickness of 5 μm with their non-brittle, high corrosion resistance and anti-tarnishing properties. Acqua-Series are fully comply with the most updated REACH, WEEE and RoHS in the European Union’s directives. We will ensure our products that can provide the safest and most efficient way of electroplating to our customers.